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Going Places with You

Trust our team of home movers from Clark's Mobile Home Transport LLC, to move your trailers and RVs in an instant. Located in Seffner, Florida, we provide our transportation service nationwide at rates that fit your budget.


At Clark's Mobile Home Transport LLC, no job is too big or small. With more than three decades of experience under our belt, we can transport mobile homes, modular buildings, travel trailers, or anything else on wheels to your preferred destination within the US. We'll offer huge discounts to companies owned and operated by injured veterans, as well as to disabled and retired people. Our full transportation service consists of the following:

Pickups - Setups - Utility Hookups - Drop-Offs - Breakdowns - Insurance Furnishes

Mobile House


Leave all the plot plans and property layouts to us as our company can also apply for permits for all mobile homes and office trailers. We'll do all the necessary paperwork for you to the county and state you wish to register. Please note that our rates may vary in this particular service, so feel free to call us for an estimate.

Buying and Selling

Get your money's worth whenever you buy or sell secondhand mobile homes, office trailers and RVs. With our commitment to your full satisfaction, we guarantee top dollar at every purchase or resell. Buy from us right now and your next transportation service comes with a special price you can't refuse.